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She had a modest internet following when she uploaded a photo to Instagram of herself lying in bed, menstruation bloodstains on her clothes and sheets. She hit back on Tumblr and Facebook , saying:. The story went viral, gaining attention from media sites across the world , including Jezebel , BBC Newsbeat , Mashable and the Huffington Post , the latter enthusiastically praising Kaur for breaking down the stigma surrounding menstruation. Emboldened by her new fan base, Kaur released an updated edition of milk and honey with new poems and illustrations later that year. The poems in the collection can be broadly divided into two main categories: emotional and empowering.

10 Most Famous Poems In English Literature

Kaur deals with the pain and joy experienced in familial and romantic relationships, as in:. It is perhaps telling that only the second, broader, and more general half of the poem went viral, rather than the first, which alludes to war crimes and conflict in Somalia and Kenya. Kaur's stylistic similarities to writers such as Nayyirah Waheed and Warsan Shire, however, have also had negative consequences, with Waheed in particular recently leveling accusations of plagiarism now deleted at Kaur on Tumblr. Kaur has stated in interviews that she takes inspiration from Waheed and Shire, but Kaur works within a subgenre predicated on minimalist style — like short lines and a lack of punctuation — which makes it impossible to tell where inspiration ends and plagiarism begins.

This is not the only censure Kaur's work has been subject to. Yet many of these poems are not in the individual confessional vein for which Kaur is known and celebrated. While Kaur didn't answer multiple requests for comment, the FAQ section of her website indicates that she is interested less in sharing her own experiences, despite the claims of her fans, and more in what she portrays as the collective nature of sexual trauma in her community, writing:.

12222 World Cup Is Here!

Referring to colonial violence, she says :. Kaur thus intends for her poetry to do two things at once: milk and honey functions both as an extremely individual and thus subjective work, and as a manifesto that attempts to redress the perceived wrongs done to the South Asian female collective.

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Kaur indeed seems to note little difference between her educated, Western, Indian-Canadian self and her ancestors, or even modern South Asian women of a similar age in rural Punjab. While more female South Asian voices are indeed needed in mainstream culture and media, there is something deeply uncomfortable about the self-appointed spokesperson of South Asian womanhood being a privileged young woman from the West who unproblematically claims the experience of the colonized subject as her own, and profits from her invocation of generational trauma.

The Next Poem I Write The next poem I write will not have the Eiffel Tower made from crayons nor Buckingham Palace in the shape of a sandwich; not an old guitar rusting strings along a forgotten tune, or a girl crying beside a window. The poem Father of a nation He is called the Father of a nation Back in the country, where I was born.

He was a tremendous leader and orator And one fine morning He was lying in the pool of blood In his own house, gunned down.

Seven Controversial Poets You Should Read Right Now « Corner Poetry

I saw the Queer Music They lived across from each other on and off the center floor dorm hall, both on the much discussed controversial LeftWing side. I didn't notice that before. All of us believe in God, Maker of heaven and Controversial friend A friend so controversial, Cried to me the other day I wept too.

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  • Done fighting Like a mystical wight, Ain't in a trance, Nor experiencing delusions and phantasmagoria. I live. I fight, Fighting Because the decision to be free Is that which I took freely, Yet, criticized with unsparing vigor, Cruel and baseless calumnies.

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    The past is gone, The future is a dream, All I got March 22, Jim Horn Contentious means causing or likely to cause an argument; controversial. Trump Contentious and Plenteous Trump's contribution George Washington Set Potus Precedent This revolutionary fella followed by Adams family patriarch,giving rise twin heir plain lee gifted "Renaissance Man" Jeff force'n without hemming and hawing, subsequently conceding nexus nor horse drawn Lexus of Colonial power to Madison, thence Monroe buttoned up as suitable He watched with wide believing eyes And bought everything they advertised — Cream to make his skin feel better Spray to make his hair look wetter Bleach to make his white things whiter Stylish jeans that fit much tighter.

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    This morning I got kidnapped By three masked men. Why feminist critics accused Dahl of being a misogynist? Why the dystopian novel was considered inappropriate for its young audience?

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