Guide Hans Baldung Grien: 45+ Renaissance Paintings

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Hans Baldung Grien (Grün)
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He became a celebrity of the town, and received many important commissions.


The following year he married Margarethe Herlin, a local merchant's daughter, joined the guild "zur Steltz", opened a workshop, and began signing his works with the HGB monogram that he used for the rest of his career. His style also became much more deliberately individual—a tendency some art historians have termed " mannerist. He helped introduce supernatural and erotic themes into German art, although these were already amply present in his master's work.

Most famously, he depicted witches, also a local interest: Strasbourg's humanists studied witchcraft and its bishop was charged with finding and prosecuting witches. His most characteristic paintings are small in scale; a series of puzzling, often erotic allegories and mythological works.

The number of Hans Baldung's religious works diminished with the Protestant Reformation, which generally repudiated church art as either wasteful or idolatrous. But earlier, around the same time that he produced Adam and Eve, the artist became interested in themes related to death, the supernatural, witchcraft, sorcery, and the relation between the sexes. Hans Baldung Artworks.

Altarpiece with The Martyrdom of St. Sebastian Hans Baldung Witches Hans Baldung Beheading of St. Dorothea Hans Baldung Adam and Eve Hans Baldung Portrait of a Lady Hans Baldung Sleeping Groom and Sorceress Hans Baldung A study of Unicorn Hans Baldung Portrait of an Unknown Lady Hans Baldung Muscle man standing Hans Baldung Virgin and Child Hans Baldung Christ as a gardener Noli me tangere Hans Baldung Related Artists.

Martin Schongauer c. Hieronymus Bosch c. Gerard David c. Such, then, are the comforting reflections I would offer… A setback has often cleared the way for greater prosperity.

Hans Baldung Grien Prints | Fine Art America

Many things have fallen only to rise to more exalted heights. It must come to see that there is nothing fortune will shrink from, that she wields t he same authority over emperor and empire alike and the same power over cities as over men. There is no ground for resentment in this. What would you have worth looking up to in philosophy if she were handed out free?

ARTH 4007 Hans Baldung

Philosophy has the single task of discovering the truth about the divine and the human worlds. Philosophy has taught man to worship what is divine, to love what is human, telling us that with the gods belong authority, and among human beings fellowship. All Roman citizens must be equal to the law. I ask my country then, to make the most of what I have done for her, but without me. If she owes it to me, that she is today a free country, let me also prove that she is free. If my stature has grown too great for her best interests, then out I go.

This can make them very hard to distinguish as they will often have the appearance of good and moral men and women. The crucial difference lies in a craving for control over others, mind and body, instead of just their own lives, habitually passing moral judgements, aiming to restrict the lives of others and especially those different to themselves. We need to be very alert for such people, as giving them power and control is the first step towards an authoritarian society which turns its people into victims of itself.

As has happened so many times before, especially as we move away from such a state of things. Therefore there can never be any true neutrality and standing outside of events in it. Neutrality is no more than an invented concept and an often misused and misunderstood idea, used to avoid guilt and blame, and to protect conscience, believing neutrality equals blamelessness. It does not. And often quite the contrary. Being alive and conscious means awareness and an unavoidable relation to everyth ing, and to the activitity and inactivity of others.

Action and inaction are both choices always made with intent and purpose, and both always have direct effects, either making, or affecting, things to happen in a certain way, or allowing things to run their course. There is no path inbetween, no middle-road. This said, the desire to sometimes, even often, stay neutral and outside of things is very human, and understandable. It is just not truly possible.

Hans Baldung Grien Prints

What matters the most is what weighs the heaviest on the very last day, and even then the good done, for ever more, still remains good, and the bad done still remains bad. Nothing ever disappears and nothing is ever wholly pure, but believing anything is so often leads to great evil and brutality, with idealism blinding us to the reality of things. I cannot for the life of me see that quiet is necessary to a person who has shut himself away to do some studying as it is usually thought to be.

Here am I with a babel of noise going on all about me. I have lodgings right over a public bath-house. Now imagine to yourself every kind of sound that can get you hating your years. When the streonuous types are doing their exercises, swinging weight-laden hands about, I hear the grunting as they toil away — or go through the motions of toiling away — at them, and the hissings and strident gasps every time they expel their pent up breath.

When my attention turns to a less active fellow who is contenting himself with an ordinary inexpensive massage, I hear the smack of a hand pummeling his shoulders, the sound varying according as it comes down flat or cupped. Then think of the various cries of the man selling drinks, and the one selling sausages and the other selling pastries, and all the ones hawking for the catering shops, each publicizing his wares with a distinctive cry of his own.

Among the things which create a racket all around me without distracting me at all I include the carriages hurrying by in the street, the carpenter who works in the same block, a man in the neighbourhood who saws, and this fellow tuning horns and flutes at the Trickling Fountain and emitting blasts instead of music. I still find an intermittent noise more irritating than a continuous one. For I force my mind to become self-absorbed and not let outside things distract it. There can be absolute bedlam without so long as there is no commotion within, so long as fear and desire are not at loggerheads, so long as meanness and extravagance are not at odds and harassing each other.

So while true in its small context, it may still lead you to very flawed conclusions and views of the world. Not realising this, or refusing to acknowledge it is quite common in extremist circles. I propose to value them according to their character, not their jobs.

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Each man has a character of his own choosing; it is chance or fate that decides his choice of job. Have some of them dine with you because they deserve it, others in order to make them so deserving. It is just what one expects of an enlightened, cultivated person like yourself. Consequently, to hinder fascism to grow, the middle-class needs to be made to feel safe and satisfied, with hope for the future.

And neglecting this can nurture both communism and fascism, but the latter more and quicker than the former. This also means that for some on the radical left, it lies in their interest to provoke the government and the powers that be to blatant oppression and a more divised, unequal society, leading to despair, so a broad support for revolt can be built.

It also means that, as a society moves from despair and poverty towards a good, decent standard, it becomes more vulnerable to be exploited by hard authoritarian powers. It is an inbuilt natural process.

Likewise, it means that the same authoritarian powers can choose to inflate ideas about the many problems with the current state of things to gain power, and that the only way of stopping that is education and awareness. Therefore those two will also be the first targets, attacking academia and press.

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  • It is a blessing and a curse both, and it has kept us together, but has also brought us deep into brutality and cruelty so many times before. You also have to clearly see your own weaknesses well, so you avoid overestimating the strength of your own position. Failing to understand this can lead you to hurt the very thing you fight for. But in the case of a grown man who has m ade incontestable progress it is disgraceful to go hunting after gems of wisdom, and prop himself up with a minute number of the best known sayings, and be dependent on his memory as well, it is time he was standing on his own feet.

    He should be delivering himself of such sayings, not memorizing them. Produce something from your own resources. They never venture to do for themselves the things they have spent such a long time learning. They exercise their memory on things that are not their own. It is one thing, however, to remember, another to know. Diversity, on the other hand, can act as a sea anchor, allowing the society to explore issues from different angles of view, while at the same time, acting as a conservative force that stops it from going too far too quickly.

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    This is particularly important in troubled times. These societies are not built around trade, even if it is part of it, and often lives in chime with nature. A strong sense of honour and decency often permeats such small societies, but there is also a strict perception of what is allowed behaviour, as change can equal threat, meaning a certain conservatism is seen as vital. However, adapting such communism to large scale societies is problematic, as the scale of things do not fit, at the same time as it gives enough room for exploitation, from above or below.

    Neither does it work well with free enterprise and business, and will certainly be fought against by the same established controlling forces, thus requiring violent revolution to be implemented, and a new, strict authoritarian government in order to be maintained.

    So, the knight finally turns into a dragon. Contrarily, the often perceived as polar opposite of fascism, fits quite well with commerce, as it commonly does not affect it in any negative way. Quite the opposite, it gives it more free reigns to handle its resources, i. At the same time, it too also inevitably evolves into an authoritarian society that does not care for its weak, stripping away rights and benefits from minorities and the lower stratas of society. Here too, honour and decency is regarded as important, but seemingly more commonly used to judge others by, especially those perceived as below oneself.

    And as it does not cause any disturbance for commerce, nor drastic social changes, neither does it require radical change, just perpetuating status quo with small, incremental changes towards ever stricter control. Unlike communism, which mostly finds its supporters among the individually powerless stratas of society, fascism appeals to both those with and without power to control, and can thus more easily be implemented, especially when done so, masked under propaganda.

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    In this lies a great danger to democracy. Communism can only arise under very particular, primitive or dire circumstances and will never have more than minor influence on greater, functioning societies. Fascism, however, can through its ties to actual power, actually arise again. So, in essence, we have two different seeds for the same giant tree, although requiring different soil to take root. They just need to be compliant, while others build it.

    It is just a question of money and willingness to conform. And, as it is predefined by others, it lacks soul and is nothing but a mark of submission.