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When he makes an attacking speech he has good passages, but boy, does he go on and on, and he does remind me of that decent man Neil Kinnock on a bad day.


Neil Kinnock famously let Margaret Thatcher off the hook in the Westland debate of Mr Duncan Smith made some good points about this improvised reshuffle and what a mess the government website had been on Thursday. There was much mockery, but the cumulative effect didn't really quite make it. They had been complaining that John Reid, as a Scotsman, was now running the English health service. Mr Blair made his own side laugh a lot when he pointed out that Jacqui Lait, the shadow secretary of state for Scotland, is the MP for Bromley.

The Tories only hold one seat in Scotland, and they only need a 0. We know what they want to do: they want to change the structure, and that's all fine.

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They had the complication of Alan Milburn resigning unexpectedly. Well, that sort of thing happens, but it did look a bit shambolic, and more, it looks a little arrogant.

It's taken until today for Mr Blair to come to the house and explain quite sensitive and important structural changes, and that highlights the rather careless attitude he has towards the Commons. The Tories have accused the PM of a "botched, bungled and mangled" reshuffle.

The draft EU constitution is "no threat to the UK" and its opponents are driven by "self-doubt" , Jack Straw said today. David Blunkett met victims of domestic violence today as he prepared to unveil the latest government crackdown on people who beat their partners.

David Miliband has made an impassioned plea for an end to the "pernicious snobbery" dogging the vocational education sector. Matthew Tempest gives a minute-by-minute commentary on this week's PMQs. The sight of Alan Duncan's big gun inspired many readers last week, and the Backbencher congratulates Eddie Dougall on his winning entry: "Its effects were devastating in its day, but since you ask, just the one huge ball.

The quality of entries was so high that four runners-up prizes were awarded.

In Pursuit of Pinochet

Meanwhile, many thanks to Dave Carter, who alerted the Backbencher to a delightful picture of Stuart Bell Labour, Middlesbrough in thoughtful mood and apparently taking a break from his constituency. Further nominations pictures must appear on an MP's own website are welcomed. Email backbencher guardianunlimited. Only rarely does a prize come along as covetable as this one. The Backbencher has a copy of An Audience with Tony Benn - a "live and unleashed" minute DVD containing personal diary footage - to give away to the reader who can tell her who John Bercow Conservative, Buckingham was praising so extensively in the Commons on Monday - and why:.

Given the importance of this place and of the speeches made in it as a means whereby one colleague can persuade and, occasionally, even convert another, will my right hon. There can be no greater tribute to the quality and power of my right hon.

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner - Herbert R. Giorgio

Send explanations to backbencher guardianunlimited. Many thanks to DD Video for the prize, which can also be obtained from Amazon. Like most eagerly awaited events, Monday's parliamentary tug-of-war was all over far too quickly. The Backbencher went along to Victoria Tower Gardens to watch, and her report of the event is here - but since writing it she has had a call from David Hencke, whose pulling on behalf of the print journalists' team put the broadcasters to shame.

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There were a few notable absentees - including the Guardian's Michael White, who was approached but turned down the chance to join in - and Andrew Marr. Woolsack Day in Tetbury in the s when the whole of this historic Cotswold Town is closed for their annual charity day. One year it was rumoured that Prince Charles, who lives nearby in Highgrove, was going to attend incognito.

These rumours were believed by a group of Irish Republican extremists looking for a chance to torpedo the peace talks going on in Northern Ireland - and they decide to assassinate the prince on the Day. Their plans are accidentally overheard by a visiting student, Adam Craig.

Page:Dictionary of National Biography volume 49.djvu/165

Thus begins a desperate cat and mouse game between him and the assassins who realise their plans have been overheard. Can he prevent the asssassination attempt after he is captured by the conspirators? This story, set in an authentic background, keeps the pages turning in an intriguing tale of menace and ingenuity- with a touch of humour and romance.

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Amazon Launchpad Watch and Shop. Discover new, innovative, and trending products from emerging brands Watch Now. As such he became the first professional "Oxfordian", in other words the first person to make a living from his advocacy of Edward de Vere as Shakespeare. He made numerous TV and radio appearances and generated over newspaper and magazine articles. He also served on the editorial board of The Elizabethan Review.

Beauclerk had a number of articles published on the authorship question, and wrote an account of his authorship adventures in America entitled A Coat of Motley In addition, he resumed his work as a trustee of the Shakespearean Authorship Trust under the chairmanship of Mark Rylance. The Trust meets four times a year at the Globe Theatre, holds an annual conference there, and provides scholarships for students and researchers.