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5.596 time cursor stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.
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In all cases the cursor positions are reported the same way making measurements on waveforms captured with in different instruments possible. They may also be assigned to parameter cue points such as the trigger , ground reference or even another cursor value. When tracking or assigned the cursor reports the tracked or assigned measurement or parameter, not the value. Click a tracking cursor parameter at any time to terminate tracking and see the numeric value. These points are tracking which means as the waveform changes the cursors remain locked to these points on the waveform and continually report the maximum, minimum and peak-to-peak voltages as the waveform scrolled or as new signals are captured and displayed.

The full set of voltage cues are:. As with voltage cursors, some cue points are tracking which means as the tracked value changes the cursor remains locked to that value and moves on the display as necessary. Other cue points are assigned the cursor moves to that point once. The cursor reports the parameter name e.

Cursor Measurements

FOCUS unless the parameter changes in which case it reports a numeric value. In all cases of tracking or assignment it is possible that the cursor's location when assigned a new value may be beyond the limits of the display. In this case the cursor will remain stuck to the display edge beyond which its value has located it. Version 2.

Using Cursors

Device Setup. User Interface. Main Display. Logic Analysis. Spectrum Analysis. Wave Generation. Data Recording.

Device Sharing. Time or Frequency Origin fixed, time zero aka trigger point or 0Hz. Cursor focus where the mouse, stylus or your finger is on the display.

Time Cursor - Starsys Publishing

Measurement waveform, logic or spectrum on the focus channel. Bias DC or mean waveform voltage on the focus channel.

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Isosceles-triangular cursor base indicating the cursor has been assigned. Primary relative or absolute measurement cursor.

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Used on its own to make absolute measurements or together with MARK to make relative measurements. Is the first cursor picked up when more than one is located at the same point on the display. Secondary absolute measurement cursor. Not used i.

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  8. Origin fixed location cursor. The example uses the GetClipCursor function to record the area in which the cursor can move and the ClipCursor function to confine and restore the cursor. Because there is only one cursor at a time available in the system, an application that confines the cursor must restore the cursor before relinquishing control to another window. It also uses cursor and timer functions to monitor the cursor's position every 10 seconds.

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    If the cursor position has not changed in the last 10 seconds and the application's main window is minimized, the application changes the cursor and moves it to the mousetrap icon. An example for a similar mousetrap is included in Icons. Because the system does not require a mouse, an application should be able to simulate mouse actions with the keyboard. The following example shows how to achieve this by using the GetCursorPos and SetCursorPos functions and by processing input from the arrow keys.

    Skip to main content. Exit focus mode. Theme Light. High contrast. Profile Bookmarks Collections Sign out. Creating a Cursor Displaying a Cursor Confining a Cursor Using Cursor Functions to Create a Mousetrap Using the Keyboard to Move the Cursor Creating a Cursor The following example creates two cursor handles: one for the standard hourglass cursor and one for a custom cursor included as a resource in the application's resource-definition file.

    Displaying a Cursor The system automatically displays the class cursor the cursor associated with the window to which the cursor is pointing. Confining a Cursor The following example confines the cursor to the application's window and then restores the cursor to its previous window.

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